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  Matthew 25: 35-40

10-10-10 Program

Become a 10-10-10 Prayer Partner and make your commitment and pledge:

  • On the 10th day of each month, I will fast a meal on behalf of a hungry child.
  • I will commit to 10 minutes of prayer for this child.
  • I will give $10 or as led, per month so this child may eat.


Fast      .      Pray       .       Give

On the 10th of each month we are asking you to join us  in prayer for a hungry child in Africa. Please take 10 minutes of you day to pray.

If you want to do more, we ask you to fast one  meal for a hungry child in Africa. If you want to do even more, donate $10 to help feed  hungry children in Africa. Put them all together and that’s our 10-10-10 Program. The monies raised through our 10-10-10 Program  help feed the hungry children in Malawi through our Farming and Feeding  Programs. Here’s how the 10-10-10 Program works. 0n the 10th of every  month, agree to  fast one meal, pray 10 minutes give $10 . You can send your  gift  to Missions4Jesus at PO Box 383, Monroe, NC 28111.  You may also set up EFT to have M4J automatically draft $10  on the 10th of each month.  You partnership support will enable M4J volunteers to put food in the mouths of hungry children, provide mosquito nets, medicines, Bibles and  preach God's Word to some of the poorest people in Africa. In Mark 9:23-29, Jesus taught His Disciples that prayer and fasting change the impossible to the possible.