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  Matthew 25: 35-40

A.A.A.C. (Adopt an African Church)

The Vision Continues ... 

 In 2013, God enhanced our Vision by adding the “Adopt an African Church: Program (AAAC). Whereby a local American Church can sponsor an African Church and help with providing Shelter, Agriculture, Vocation, Evangelism and Medical assistance.

Help  Build Churches, Congregations, Villages and Hope!

What is AAAC? 

AAAC stands for “Adopt an African Church”. AAAC is a  Program which started in the pilot stage in 2013. Our Pilot began with three Churches in Monroe, N.C.  They were  Elizabeth Missionary Baptist Church, Benton Heights Baptist Church and Trinity Baptist Church. The goal of Operation SAVE within this Program is to help partner American Churches, who have a heart for missions and want to help those less fortunate, with African churches in Malawi, Africa in need of financial, educational, medical and spiritual assistance.  

For a small monthly financial commitment, a local American Church or individual can sponsor an African Church and help with providing Pastoral assistance and training, administration costs, evangelism resources to further the gospel and assistance in furthering the growth of the church physically and spiritually.

Minimum Monthly commitment is $100 and may be paid semi-annual, annually or via monthly ACH.

  • American churches can adopt an  African church
  • Individuals can adopt a African church
  • Program helps the individual welfare of the African pastor and their family
  • Provides skills to African church women so they may be empowered
  • Provides church resources to evangelize; EvangeCube, Proclaimers, Tracks, Bibles, CEF      kits, salvation dolls/bracelets
  • Provides resources to maintain the church and community boreholes
  • Helps to build bigger and better church facilities