on A Mission4Jesus

  Matthew 25: 35-40


 Why Consider Going?   You should go because you feel led by the Lord

 Who Plans the Trip?   The M4J Leadership Team and Board of Directors

 How Do I Sign Up To Go?  Complete the Mission Trip Application and attach a copy of your passport and Non-refundable deposit by announced deadline

 How Do We Raise Money to Pay for Our Trip?   Volunteers will be responsible for paying for their own trip. Volunteers may solicit Sponsors to assist them in paying for their own trip. M4J will supply a sample sponsor letter.

 When is the Money Due? A non-refundable deposit will always be due with  completed application in order to ascertain how many are committed to going on the trip. A payment schedule will be provided along with deadlines for each payment. Trip must be paid in full at least one full month before the date of the actual mission trip.

 Is My Deposit Refundable?    No

 How Do I Apply for a Passport?     Visit M4J website for the details and web links to assist you.

 What Shots Do I Need?  You will be responsible for discussing with your own physician , otherwise you will need to seek assistance from a Travel Clinic that specializes in immunizations for overseas.

 Can I Purchase My own tickets or use my Airline Points? It will be best to travel with the group to insure your safety and to bond with the Team. However, you can use your points/miles, but you may not be on the exact same flight plan as the Mission Team.

 How Much Luggage Can I Take?      You're allowed one carry-on bag Up to 45 in (14 x 9 x 22 in) Up to 15 lbs. and 1 personal item ( purse, briefcase, back pack or laptop bag). Also not to exceed 15 lbs. *THIS IS SUBJECT TO CHANGE. ALWAYS CHECK WITH AIRLINE

 What Do I Pack?   It is recommended you carry lightweight clothing, scrubs, team T-shirts, crocks or tennis shoes, sunscreen, toiletries, snacks, photocopies of your passport, list of family emergency contacts. See website for complete checklist.

 What Will We Wear Each Day?  Lightweight pants (long enough to cover  knees); khakis, scrubs, Capri’s, Team T-Shirt, Cap/visor, sunscreen.

How Much Money Should I Bring? Everything is included in your Trip cost except food while in US & souvenirs. We will attempt to arrange some time to shop at the local market. We suggest at least $200.

 What are the Sleeping Quarters Like?   We are usually in tight quarters. In the past we have slept on cots, floors, sleeping bags or bunk beds. Linens and pillows are provided. It is suggested you purchase a neck pillow to use on the plane as you travel and for night-time.

 What are the Bathroom Facilities Like?  If they exist, they are dark, concrete, open air. There are bugs, spiders and cold water. We do not have access to hot running water in which to bath.

What Will We Eat?  We will ship lightweight foods which are non-perishable and may be cooked with boiling water. We usually will eat local fresh vegetables.

 Do I Bring Bottled Water?  No need to bring water, Bottled water is included in the price of your trip and we encourage you to drink up to 5 bottles per day.

 Will We Have Devotions?  Yes. Generally we have every morning and then debrief in the evenings

 Can I carry liquid on airplane? You will be limited to carrying liquids, such as toiletries; i.e. shampoo, mouth wash, etc. in 3 ounce containers and they must all fit in a One quart Ziploc baggie.

 How long does it take to get there? It will take approximately 25 hours of travel one way.