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  Matthew 25: 35-40

 Medical Clinic Collections

A Team of Believers prepare each year to travel to Malawi, Africa usually during the months of June & October.  Our mission is to minister to multiple villages, hospitals and prisons. We conduct crusades, baptism,  pastoral training, medical clinics,  adult and children’s evangelism and we are continuing to provide year-round farming and feeding programs as well as eye-glass clinics through our Operation SAVE US & African Teams.

Thank you for helping Operation SAVE through your contribution of either the collection of needed items and/or a monetary donation. These contributions allow us to provide:

  • Minor Medical and Wound Clinics
  • Medical Clinics with Physicians, Nurses and needed medicine
  • Reading Eye Glass Clinics 

Minor  Medical and Wound Clinics

The following item(s) collected can be used for Medical Clinics  held in Malawi during our Mission Trips. All these items may be purchases from discounts and dollar stores:

  • Antibacterial Ointment (Neosporin)      
  • Anti-Fungal Foot Crème (for Ringworms)       
  • Aspirin   
  • Band-Aids                                                                                                     
  • Diarrhea Medicine     
  • Eye Drops        
  • Guaze/Dressing                      
  • Pepto Bismol  Tablets                                                                           
  • Reading Glasses                                

Major Medical Clinics

Some items and services must be purchased overseas including medical and physician staffing for major medical clinics. Monetary donations made will go toward the purchase of medicine and hiring Physicians and Nurses in Malawi.

Eye Glass Clinics

Our Eyeglass Clinic  ministry is to partner with groups and individuals in assisting to collect reading glasses. Organizations which has supported us since the beginning are Eyes of Faith and  RestoringVision.org. Each year they have provide a number of reading glasses to assist us. 

The need for reading glasses is much greater than when we first began to have the Eye Clinics.  Therefore, we are reaching out  to you. We are asking you to prayerfully consider collecting  reading eyeglasses , which may be purchased at any local discount store, to be used for our  Eye Glass Clinics each year. We will provide a receptacle and pick up any reading glasses collected