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  Matthew 25: 35-40


September 2017

The Board approved the proceeds from our Fall Consignment Sale to go to Hurricane Relief and a check for almost $1900 went to Samaritans Purse.

We had another successful Variety Show and are planning 2018.

June 7, 2017

We'd like to thank Trinity Baptist Church in Monroe NC

 for their donation of  280 over-the-counter medical supply items

 to be used during minor wound clinics on our next Mission Trip

 in October-November 2017

If your Church or Organization would like to set up collections as a Mission Project, contact us at 980-328-9396 or email us at operationsavesecretary@gmail.com

Over-the-Counter Items we collect include: Neosporin, Aspirin, Pepto tablets, Anti-diarrhea medicine, Anti-fungal creme, Eye drops and Reading glasses

May 15, 2017

We were able to provide our Partner, Council on Aging, with some donated wheelchairs and walkers.

Meet Andrew Friend, Information & Options Counseling Specialist & SHIIP Coordinator, with Council on Aging.

If you have walkers and wheelchairs you no longer need,

 please contact us at 980-328-9396 or operationsavesecretary@gmail.com


We are currently casting for our Annual CommUNITY Comedy Cabaret 

to be held September 9, 2017

We are looking for someone to play the part of Forrest Gump in a couple of scenes. If you or someone you know would be a good candidate, please contact SSandy Fine Helms at 980-328-9396 or email operationsavesecretary@gmail.com

July 4th 2017

Downtown Unionville Annual 4th of July Celebration

 Tuesday, July 4th  -   Downtown Unionville. 

There will be exhibits, car show, games, rides, food, fun fellowship and let's not forget the Parade at 1:00 PM

The Lions Club needs Volunteers to help with their Annual 4th of July Celebration. If you or members of your church or organization can volunteer to help, please contact Betty Hinson with Lions Club of Union County at 704-574-287 

June 2017

We are in support of  the Lions Club of Union County

Operation SAVE, still on a Missions4Jesus, will now take donations of old prescription glasses in addition to reading glasses, which we will donate to the Lions Club of Union County.

May  15, 2017

We've partnered with Union County (NC) Council on Aging. They are in need of several items.

If you or someone you know would like to donate any of these items, please call Sandy Fine Helms at 


or you may drop off at our Office and Headquarters located at 

1617 West Roosevelt Blvd, Suite K, Monroe,  NC 28110:

Equipment & Supplies

Accepted Donations:

Wheelchairs / Transfer Chairs

Walkers / Rollators

Shower Chairs / Transfer Benches

Bedside Commodes

Raised Toilet Seats


Adult Briefs & Diapers / Bed Pads

Bed Rails / Grab Bars

Gloves / Paper Towels

Equipment and supplies are given to Union County seniors at no cost.

February 2017

A  Movement in the Making … Missions4Jesus was formed in 2004. We incorporated and received our 501c3 non-profit status in 2005. Our Ministry exists to reach the ends of the earth with the Gospel message. We do this through providing Shelter, Agriculture, Vocation and Evangelism along with medical assistance to those in need.  In 2008, Missions4Jesus formed the subsidiary Operation S.A.V.E. We are now in the process of merging the two names and re-branding our Ministry, including a new website and logo design. The name Operation SAVE was officially incorporated in January 2017. Our new website is www.operation-save.org. Jesus is still at the core of everything we do and the missions4jesus.com website still exists. You can view either website  for information. We covet your prayers as our mission continues globally in Malawi, Africa and locally in North Carolina. We are excited about the future and will keep you informed on Events and upcoming Mission Trips.


Malawi is in the Top 10 List of the Poorest Countries in the World 

Holding a population of 16 million while also being one of the smallest African nation doesn’t set you up for accumulation or distribution of wealth. Arguable the most underdeveloped nation in the world, Malawi suffers greatly in essentially all categories available. Access to education, general standard of healthcare, infrastructure, and quality of living conditions are all limited or substandard. Because the nation is unable to develop in general, they’re for all intents and purposes stuck with trying to drive their economy using only the most primitive levels of agriculture. With common weather variations, as well as injuries and fatalities facilitated by poor health care, Malawi’s world lowest GDP per capita of $226.50 doesn’t seem like it will be rising too significantly any time soon.

Sometimes days may seem tough. Maybe things just didn’t go the way you want, or perhaps you’re frustrated with where your life stands currently. While many may have perfectly valid reasons for frustration, it is equally as important to take moments everyday to appreciate the reasons your life may be great. There’s privilege to be seen everywhere, even in something so simple as the internet connection required for you to have read this article.

February 2016



Since M4J implemented Pastors Training in 2010, hundreds of Pastors have been trained to carry on the Missions4Jesus year-round ministry. We received the following report from M4J-Malawi National Director, Pastor Jacques Jackson with the latest Crusade activity:

30 M4J Malawi volunteers both from Lumbadzi and Malingunde  participated in this Crusade Event. There were many – many people gathered over a thousand. 

Mobile Medical Clinic

We just managed to hire one doctor and one nurse.  We bought additional malaria and pain medicine.  Multiple volunteers helped  the doctor and nurse. They managed to treat over 450 people. It was a wonderful clinic and the chief of the area are very appreciating. 

C.E.F Program

CEF trained volunteers did the best work they could do to teach over 600 children who gathered at this school. 

They taught lessons 1-3 and promised them to finish 4-5 next visit. 

The taught the colours of bless-less and evangel-cube. 

They distributed tracks, play fish-fish, soccer-ball and many activities. 

Crusade Preaching

Prior to the clinics and activities, Pastor Glyn Mittahwa was the one who preached at this gathering. He got his message from the book of “Proverbs 19:21” THE PURPOSE OF GOD PREVAILS!!!  For the people who accepted Jesus on the day of the crusade were ministered to by the zone pastor of that area.  Over 20 people accepted Jesus as their personal Savior. 

Shoe Distribution 

500 pair of shoes were distributed to 500 children.

To God be the Glory!


2016 Mission Trips

Plans are underway as we prepare for two Missions trips in 2016. Both will be to Malawi Africa in different Regions. Check out our Mission Trips tab for the latest information.


November 2015 Post Mission Trip Update

What an honor and privilege to be able to go and serve the Lord in Malawi these past weeks. Truly honored by God to be a part of such a service.

· Missions team trip followed a week long pastors conference hosted by M4J with more 130 pastors in attendance many of which joined us in the field for ministry.

· Gave thousands of Sketcher Croc shoes out to children after washing their little and sometimes big feet while telling them about Jesus. Happy to say there's only remaining approximately 6,000 Sketcher Croc shoes from when this program started this year with 26,316 pairs. That is a lot of foot washings.

· Held medical clinics with doctors and nurses, treating patients with prescription medications and additional over the counter medicines . Saw the blind, crippled, wounded, and elderly receive medical aid.

· Held eye glass clinics to deliver hundreds of reading glasses to those in need. It's bad to have a bible but can't read it because of your eye sight. Wonderful to watch the faces light up when they look through the correct pair. What a blessing.

· Watched pastors preaching in 2 languages through translators take place to literally thousands of adults day after day at the same time many hundreds of children received the gospel through Children Evangelism Fellowship working with the large evange cubes, biblical stories in the wordless books, salvation bracelets, games, and praise songs, all the while connecting them all to the local pastors and churches for discipleship after salvation. God is at such a grand work. Absolutely Amazing!!!!

· We're able to distribute thousands of Christian tracts, care packs with sugar, salt, soaps, Vaseline, soy pieces, bibles, blankets to the elderly, mosquito nets to the young new mothers to protect against malaria, bags of corn as this is a starving nation.

· Hospital visitation were able to witness and give many salvation dolls in the children's wards.

· Had the privilege of going door to door in the villages and is always rewarding because you don't know what you’re going to encounter, just witnessing for Christ.

· Had the privilege to see one of M4J feeding programs in person and watched 1,600 children get a hot bowl of porridge. All together over 6,000 children receive a hot meal 5 days a week through M4J, that's more than 30,000 meals per week. Wow!!!!  These programs run for three years then the schools take over. Give a man a fish and he eats for a day teach a man to fish and he eats for life.

· Please continue to pray for Marvin and Jimmy Funderburk as they continue to serve in Water for Life drilling new wells as well as repairing old wells. What and awesome ministry to know that these wells are saving lives daily and keeping people from getting sick. 

None of this could have been accomplished without the help and prayerful support from America and most of all the boots on the ground from all the Malawi M4J supports including pastors. 2016 holds to be a huge year as there are planned to be 5 pastors conferences through three different regions of Malawi, we have two team trips planned in Malawi tentative dates are June 10th - 24th and November 4th - 18th.

Patrick Tyson, Executive Board Chairman 2015


December 2014: Through God’s guiding hand, M4J stepped out on faith and purchased 26,316 pairs of Sketcher crocks, in an ongoing relationship with Samaritan Feet International.  Please pray every single shoe is placed on the intended foot the Lord has directed.  That’s a whole lot of foot washing and evangelizing.

November 2014:  Our Malawi Africa, Southern Region Leadership  and our trained African pastors held a week long Pastors Conference with 165 local Malawian pastors all funded by  Sponsors of M4J.  We will never know the full effects of such teaching and leading in the gospel, at least not on this side of eternity. They  also began the ministry of large crusades,  CEF,  prison ministry,  hospital ministry,  eye glass clinics,  minor medical aid  and distributions of bibles, tracts, blankets, mosquito nets,and care packs.

To God be all the glory through this effort!