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  Matthew 25: 35-40

Prayer & Fasting

M4J will post a Prayer and Fasting Calendar each year in preparation for our Mission Trips. This is a personal decision for you to make, whether or not to participate will be between you and God. In addition to Prayer and Fasting for our Mission Trip, you may decide on other reasons why to fast. If you don’t have a reason to fast or know why you're doing this, you're not going to get anything out of it. Are you having trouble at your job, at school, 

What is Fasting?   Abstention from food or some types of food, especially as an act of religious observance.

Below are some suggestions to assist you in preparing for Prayer and Fasting.

Decide what kind of fast you should do. The most common kind of fast is not eating anything, but some people do "media" fasts where they don't watch TV, listen to music or read the newspaper for a period of time. Actually, it depends on the greater sacrifice.

Choose how long your fast is going to be. If you are just beginning to fast, try fasting for twelve hours, such as from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. You can drink juice and water, but don't eat anything.

Get focused. Begin your fast day with prayer. Throughout your fast and pray day, you should be praying, but it doesn't have to be a continuous action. Read the Bible, or a book with spiritual content. You can listen to spiritual or gospel music as you wash dishes, or have a video or CD of a favorite minister playing. The object is to stay focused on and be open to the Lord.

Be patient as you wait for answers. It may not come during or at the end of your fasting and prayer period. The answer may come within days or even weeks afterwards.

 There are many types of “Fasts” 

The Absolute Fast: An absolute fast is when one abstains from both eating and drinking. Even water is not allowed on absolute fasts. This fast is not advised for more than three days. This is more on the sides of Christian fasting or religious fasting and not for people fasting for health reasons. 

The Normal Fast: In a normal fast, you abstain from both eating and drinking, but drinking water is allowed. This is also a kind of religious fasting mostly, but is favored by health fasters also in some cases. 

The Daniel Fast: The Daniel fast, as the name suggests, is a religious fast, where the person who is fasting can eat fruits, vegetables and water. Choice foods like meat and wine are not allowed. ( www.daniel-fast.com

The Partial Fast: The partial fast is a kind of fast where you abstain from eating or drinking certain food items. You can chose to skip a meal, or you may choose to eat just certain foods throughout your fast. 

The Juice Fast: The juice fast, as the name suggests is a fast where you only exist on fruit and vegetable juices. Juice fasting has gained immense popularity, especially with people who are trying to lose weight. It is a great method of detoxification fasting also and is advised by many dieticians for various reasons.

Water, Honey and Lemon Fast: The water, honey and lemon fast is again a popular weight loss and detoxification fast. One is supposed to survive on a diet of warm water with some lemon juice and honey mixed in it. It is a great method of cleansing the body.


We encourage you to do some research and check with your physician before beginning.  

Check out the many resources available on the internet to determine what will work best for you.