on A Mission4Jesus

  Matthew 25: 35-40


It is impossible to list all our progress and programs . Following is a  partial list of implementations and provisions distributed from  2003 to Present:


2003       Supplied 220 Care Packs (The humble beginnings of M4J)

2004       Formed/organized as a 501 © (3) Non-Profit Organization & Built Maize Mill

2005       Built Mom’s Orphan/Daycare

2006       Built warehouse, store and maize mill to serve the community

2007       Bought Widow/Orphan Home Land (12 Acres being used as Farming Land)

2008       Opened M4J Store, Built a Library and Kitchen at Katola School

2009       Built Protective Cover for the  North Region Warehouse, Built Precious Mom’s house & Dug a well at Katola School

2010     Started Northern & Southern Regions, Offered 1st Pastoral Training Conference, Started conducting Eye Clinics

2011     Water of Life Project  begins repairing wells, Continue Pastoral Training, Begin CEF Training & Baptism     

2012     Began using the Crusades with the Jesus Film and increased Mission Trips to twice a year

2013     Expansion of both Feeding and Farming Programs, created pilot Program for AAAC Program (Adopt an African Church)

2014     Expansion of our Water Program, Now holding multiple Pastors conferences each year.

2015     Through Samaritans Feet we were able to purchase more than 22,000 pair of crocs to share with the children of Malawi. Each childs feet were washed and told the Gospel.

2016     Feeding Program continues to expand and we expanded our Water Program, drilling more and more boreholes.

2017     Re-branding with use of our Program Operation SAVE-Feeding Hope, which was created in 2008.


Missions4Jesus is “Feeding Hope” through Operation SAVE in the hearts of the people of Malawi, the poorest country in Africa. Despite being among the ten poorest countries in the world, Malawi is known as” The Warm Heart of Africa” because of the good nature of its people. Hundreds of children gather near a shade tree to listen to one teacher teach. In Malawi, Africa, they call it school. Some teachers have chalkboards, others only their voices. Most kids don’t have the school supplies they need or decent clothes to wear to school, or shelter in which to sleep. Only 6 out of 10 will complete more than the 5th grade. Only 4% will attend after age 13. If they are fortunate, school will provide the only hot meal they’ll have all day. Aids and Malaria ravage their 16 million in population, with 1.2 million being orphaned by AIDS and Malaria. More than 13% of all children born will not live to see their fifth birthday due to AIDS, malnutrition, and Malaria combined. Every 15 seconds another child in Africa becomes an orphan. With your help, these kids will hear the Gospel, have shoes on their feet, homes to sleep, needed school supplies to provide hope for a better future. Their teachers will have the proper tools. Their communities will be more complete; and we’ll all make a difference in the lives of these children half a world away. Education has proven crucial in the battle against poverty. It will make the difference between a hand out and a way out. Help us make a difference in the lives of the people of Malawi.

Half of the population is illiterate and life expectancy, at its best is only 46 years. Education level has proven crucial in reduction of AIDS rates with 16% less infected among the more educated sectors. Agriculture is the mainstay of their economy, but lack of access to seed, clean water and the skills to effectively operate farms prevents them from providing enough food or income to sustain them, thus the cycle of poverty continues. One hundred percent of Malawians are considered “very poor” and a staggering 60% live below the poverty level.

The Proof

Since our inception in 2004, we have served thousands and thousands of families, multiple schools and villages throughout Malawi, which is statistically the poorest of the poor. In addition to providing almost two million meals for hungry children  each year as of 2017 , we have provided MORE THAN:

130.95 Tons Fertilizer

30,000 Pair Shoes and Crocs

10,000 Bibles

1500 Supply-Filled Book Bags

37 Tons Sugar

272.25 Tons Maize

5000 Pair Reading Glasses

80,000 Tracks

30,000 Tea Packets

17.45 Tons Corn

2500 Mosquito Nets

63,000 Bars Clothes Soap

18,000 Containers Vaseline

17,000 Care Packs

2500 Blankets

34,000 Bars Body Soap

16 Tons Salt

Repaired 2000 Boreholes

Drilled 250 new boreholes

We also established maize mills for manufacturing, warehouses, cafeterias, and orphan homes. With the help of supporters like you, we also provide resources to Teachers and, Pastors. Our Board of Directors and more than 30 volunteers manage operations year round. In addition to distribution of supplies and food, each trip the US Mission Team provides medical and eyeglass clinics, necessary medical care, medicines, treatments and Crusades to spread the Gospel of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. By strengthening the family and preparing these folks to sustain themselves, we can continue to increase our impact in Malawi each year.