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  Matthew 25: 35-40


Going to Africa Changed My Life

One night in the Spring of 2008, I was awakened. I thought I heard my grandchildren down the hall. When I looked in the doorway, I saw an angel in the door wearing white lace and a scalloped veil. I closed my eyes. When I opened them again, I saw the angel standing by my bed. I was not afraid and went back to sleep. All through the Summer of 2008, I felt God calling me to go to Africa. 

In October of 2008 I finally answered God’s call and made the trip to Malawi Africa. On the first day of the Africa Mission Trip, I remember not feeling connected to the Mission Team as I should’ve been. I now know God was speaking to me and dealing with me. 

Actually, the first three days I keep falling down. Falling out of the van … falling into the van. Looking back on those days, I have no doubt that God was humbling me to repent, because on day four of my mission trip, I was saved! I always thought I was saved. But it took God sending me to Africa and humbling me into true repentance

It took me a year and a half to realize why I was visited by the angel that night. While at our Spring Mission Retreat to prepare for our upcoming November 2010 Mission Trip, Lee Giles was sharing God’s Word about “Vision”. Through Lee’s lesson, God’s word revealed “sight” is temporary but “vision” is things not seen, and is eternal. This helped me understand what the vision God had for me, why I saw the angel and how I was called to Africa … So God could truly save me. My husband will tell you “one person left for Africa, but another person returned”.       Going to Africa truly changed me!                     

                                                                                                                     Marian Carmichael


Images & Sights of Malawi

A lady that sleeps with her goats so no one will steal them at night and for warmth, a line of women weaving their way down to the banks of a stream on wash day, a child's joy at receiving an empty water bottle to play with, the beautiful, harmonious songs of women and children as we entered into the villages, babies sleeping on their mother's backs as they went about their daily chores, rubbing Neosporin on the soles of a woman's feet that had awful weather cracks, and then also on an elderly man's feet and then leading him to accept Jesus as his personal Savior. These are just a few of the images and sights I will never forget as long as I walk the face of this earth. I had no idea just what the Lord had in store for me and the Team of 2010.  My Lord spoke to me; there was no denying his voice, guiding me to be a part of the Missions4Jesus Team to go to Malawi for my first time.  I "thought" he was sending me to bless and encourage the people there.  It didn't take me many hours once our feet hit the ground in Malawi to realize he sent me to be blessed.  The hugs from the Malawi people telling me they loved me caused lumps in my throat and tears to fall down my face.  These are not words they throw around - each person meant it from the bottom of their hearts.  It was so very humbling to be a part of the distribution of seed corn and fertilizer, mosquito nets, Bibles, and blankets.  There are no words to paint the picture to you as a reader of the pure gratitude in the eyes of those women and children and men as we got to greet each one individually and tell them Jesus loves them.  The eye glass clinic was also a great success and humbling.  The experience of watching the person's face and the great big grin that would break out as he or she put on their pair of reading glasses and began to read was awesome.  Can you only imagine the expressions and thanks of men and woman as they received a Bible?  I am so blessed that the Lord allowed me to be a vessel and serve him in this capacity. 

                                                                                                                Sandy B Mills


"Why Africa?"

Have you ever laid hands on and prayed for someone that was in there last hours of life on this side of eternity dying of AIDs?

Have you ever held and loved a small child that was miserably sick with Malaria or Tuberculosis (TB)?

 Have you ever shared the Love of Jesus and played with a group of dirty barefooted orphans?

 Have you ever given a bag of food to an eighty year old woman that is starving and too old to work for her?

  Have you ever prayed for a single mother that is taking care of eight children, six who belong to her sister that died along with their father, and the youngest child a two year old is sick with AIDs

 Have you ever watched a mother’s face light up that is battling starvation when you give her a small piece of food that was all you had available?  But when you left, she along with her son and daughter had the Bread of Life as their Savior.

 Has God ever put you in a room at just the moment when a mother loses her daughter to death, so you could comfort her thru Christ’s Love?

 Have you ever had the privilege to protect thousands of babies from a killer called Malaria?

 Have you ever given hundreds of elderly men and women the ability to stay warm on a cold, cold night?

Have you ever led someone to Christ when they come to you and ask “Will you show me how to get to Heaven”     “I want to go to Heaven”?

 Have you ever stood for Jesus as you face opposition about your Faith in Christ to groups of teenagers who by the Grace of God in-turn give their hearts to Jesus for Salvation?

 Have you ever stood and watched day after day as one at a time hundreds and thousands except Jesus Christ as their personal Savior?

Have you ever left your wife crying though she knows it is the calling of our Lord to go to work in the dirt 11,000 miles away to share the Love of Christ in a country starving not only for food but to be told about the Love of a man that died on a cross for ALL, even for that one soul who would seem to be the most insignificant in human eyes?

                                                                                             Patrick Tyson