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  Matthew 25: 35-40

Volunteer & Ministry Opportunities



Communication: Correspondence

Communication: Other

Devotions/Debrief: US

Devotions Debrief: Africa

Distribution: Bibles

Distribution: Blankets

Distribution: Care Packs

Distribution: Fertilizer

Distribution: Gospel Tracts

Distribution: Maize

Distribution: Mosquito Nets

Distribution: Salvation Bracelets

Distribution: Salvation Dolls

Distribution: Seed Corn

Evangelism: Children

Evangelism: Hospitals

Evangelism: Villages

Financial Records

Local Mission Ministries


Medical: Medical Care Packets

Medical: Eyeglass Clinic

Medical: HIV/AIDS Clinic/Team

Medical: Hospital Ministry

Medical: Medical Clinics

Minor Medical/Wound Care

Operation Save: Aspirin

Operation Save: Diarrhea Medicine

Operation Save: Dressings

Operation Save: Eye Drops

Operation Save: Gauze

Operation Save: Neosporen

Operation Save: Pepto

Operation Save: Anti-Fungal Creme

Operation Save: Reading Glasses

Operation Save: Salvation Bracelets

Operation Save: Salvation Dolls

Pastoral Training

Photography: Overseas

Photography: US

Praise/Worship: Overseas

Praise/Worship: US

Preaching: Overseas

Preaching: US

Presentations: Overseas

Presentations: US

Prison Ministry: Overseas

There are many ways to serve the Lord through Operation SAVE

As the Holy Spirit leads, we welcome other believers to help demonstrate this “Love” of Jesus Christ by becoming a volunteer