on A Mission4Jesus

  Matthew 25: 35-40

 Our History:

Missions4Jesus began in 2003 when founding Volunteers  Marvin Tarlton, Sam Helms and Hastings Jialosi (of Africa)  were called by God to take their previous African missions to the next level. Each had been part of many other mission assistance programs, but none that prepared the villages for self-sufficiency after the mission team was gone. That was their vision. God’s vision has continued to expand and provide resources for their projects year after year. The wheels of change are ever turning.  Missions4Jesus was formed in 2004. We incorporated and received our 501c3 non-profit status in 2005. Our Ministry exists to reach the ends of the earth with the Gospel message. We do this through providing Shelter, Agriculture, Vocation and Evangelism along with medical assistance to those in need.

In 2008 Missions4Jesus formed a subsidiary, Operation SAVE.  A  Movement in the Making … In January 2017 we merged the two names, re-branded our Ministry and officially incorporated Operation SAVE. This included adding an additional website and logo design. Our additional website is www.operation-save.org. Jesus is still at the core of everything we do and the missions4jesus.com  website still exists. You can view either website  for information. We covet your prayers as our mission continues globally in Malawi, Africa and locally in North Carolina and across the US. We are excited  about the future and will keep you informed on Events and upcoming Mission Trips.